Due to our consumption, the planet is dying. Production in today's society is unsustainable, and the fashion industry is one of the most unsustainable out there, producing around 10% of annual carbon emissions globally.

At Minard, we are not going to pretend that creating garments is a sustainable practice - it isn't. As a brand, it is our responsibility to first understand our impact on the environment, then to create disruptive methods and approaches to offset that impact. Whether it be the materials used, printing methods, or the way in which we deliver, we want to offset our negative impact on the planet as much as possible, with carbon neutrality central to our goals. 

All of our pieces are made to order. Whilst this means it may take a little longer to receive your items, it avoids excess inventory and waste. It also guarantees quality, as each item is made individually and is a true one-of-one piece.

Quality is central to our sustainability promise as we believe in making items that you will want to keep forever. Every week, an estimated11 million garments end up in landfill due to poor quality and the 'throwaway fashion' culture of today. We look to produce pieces that are investments, pieces to keep.


One of the central issues with the fashion industry is the linear supply chain, from production to retail and inevitably finishing with unsustainable disposal.


At Minard, we are doing things a little differently. We hope that you keep your items forever but we also want to provide the opportunity to give your items a new lease of life. On completing a quality inspection, we will buy back your used item for 10% of the original sale price, to repurpose and redistribute. We do this in pursuit of a more sustainable, circular supply chain model: